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Online Coaching Program Personalised for YOU.

This progam is designed to fully prepare a fighter to peak for the night of the fight.

In this program you will go in phases from joint integrity, muscle hypertrophy for building up metabolism (facilitating weight cut) Then we will go into Strength and Power phase giving you the best opportunity to develop fight stopping knockout power.


Then we will be working on your aerobic/anaerobic conditioning sport specific, wether its BOXING, MUAYTHAI, or MMA. 

Personalized 8 Weeks Schedule

According to your daily activity, wether you are a full time pro fighter or a busy father planning of fighting amateur, I will create a schedule for you to follow in order to manage your recovery and have a peak performance on fight night.

Not a fighter and looking to just transform your body?

We can definitely help you!
Lets have a quick chat about your goal💪

''It is such a waste to have all the combat sport technique and it all disappears after the first round. So many talented fighters lose their fight because they neglect or don't know the proper way to condition themselves for a fight. That's why I decided to create this program to help out as many fighters like you to reach their peak performance in the night of the fight. There is no point of having a Lamborghini if the car is always out of gaz.''
Helal Jr.
BXGFIT Founder